How to download FIFA MOBILE Japan on Android | 3 Ways

Hello guys!
In this article, I will guide you how to download and install FIFA MOBILE Japan for Android with 3 super simple ways.

But downloading and installing the game without knowing the information about this game is not okay. So first, I will introduce this game briefly.


In this game, the soccer players are real players that exist. Players can start a real football match anytime and anywhere. The game offers various game modes such as “Normal Mode”, “Attack Mode” and “Simulation Tournament” for players to experience, whether they are a player who likes to use strategy to control the game. control the overall situation of the game or players prefer to use real hands-on activities to fight against bloody soccer.
You can find your own way of playing in this game.

II. Download and Install

To install the FIFA Mobile Japan game on Android, we will have a lot of ways to do it. And in this article, I will have 3 ways to guide you, including: Install by Play Store, Install by APK File, Install by APKPure.

1. Install by Play Store

With the way to download on Play Store, this way will have more operations.


Step 1: Go to the Play Store and download the “Kiwi VPN” application, then open this application.

Step 2: Click “Best location”.

Step 3: Check the “JAPAN” server.

Step 4: Click “CONNECT”, the connection is successful, you will press “Home” to enter the Menu.

change play store server to japan

Step 5: Press and hold Play Store, and select “App info”.

Step 6: Click on “STORAGE”.

Step 7: Click “CLEAR STORAGE”, click OK.

how to change play store server to japan

Step 8: Open Play Store and search with the keyword “fifa mobile” then you will see the game appear, your job is to click install to download the game.

Step 9: When the game is finished downloading and “PLAY” the game.

change playstore server to japan

2. Install by APK files

With this second way, in my opinion is the simplest and fastest way to download the FIFA MOBILE JAPAN game with the apk file. Let’s follow the steps.


Step 1: You need to click on Download to download the apk file of FIFA Mobile Japan game.

Step 2: Install the game by pulling down the notification bar or accessing the Download folder in Internal Memory.

Step 3: Then click to proceed with the installation.

download FIFA MOBILE JAPAN apk

Step 4: After the installation is complete, you just need to open the game without having to use a VPN application to roam.

FIFA MOBILE JAPAN apk download

3. Install by APKPure



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