How to download Sausage Man on Android | Latest version

Hi guys!
In the past few years, survival games on mobile, right? In this article, I would like to introduce and guide you how to download and install Sausage Man game on Android.

Sausage Man Mobile is an extremely unique and fun survival shooter game that lets players transform into sausages.

I. Game Information

The highlight of the game is that all the characters in the game are modeled after the sausage tree, not humans like other battle royale games.

Sausage Man is a role-playing game combining survival from publisher XD Entertainment.

Sausage Man ultraman

Features of the game:

  • Cute and funny graphics.
  • Attractive and dramatic battle royale gameplay.
  • Various types of character skins and weapons
  • Lots of fun and competitive game modes.
  • There is support for multiple languages in the game.
  • Sausage Man survival game version.
  • The game has bright 3D graphics, stylized characters, funny movements.
  • Plus cute poses that look like sausages dressed in survival clothes when they have to participate in battles filled with smoke and fire.
  • The game has the same gameplay as PUBG, Fortnite or Free Fire.
  • Players will compete with each other on a large map to become the last survivor.
  • The special thing is that all the characters in the game are built from the image of sausages, not people.
  • Sausage Man survival game version.
  • Sausage Man still follows the “parachute and find and destroy” gameplay.
  • Players will be dropped from the plane with a compact design with youthful colors.
  • You quickly land and find the right equipment and weapons to fight.

II. How to download the game

To download and install the game, I will guide you with the following 3 ways.

1. APKPure

In this way, you need to install yourself the APKPure app by visiting or clicking here to download the apk file of APKPure.

download sausage man with apkpure


Step 1: Open APKPure after downloading and installing above.

Step 2: Enter the keyword “Sausage Man” in the search box and you will hit install when the sausage man icon appears

Step 3: Click “Download” to proceed to download the game.

download sausage man with apkpure

Step 4: Click “Install” to install Sausage Man when the download is complete.

Step 5: Open the game and play it.

download sausage man with apkpure

2. Play Store

With the way to download on Play Store, this way will have more operations.


Step 1: Go to the Play Store and download the “Kiwi VPN” application, then open this application.

Step 2: Click “Best location”.

Step 3: Check the “KOREA” server.

Step 4: Click “Connect”, the connection is successful, you will press “Home” to enter the Menu.

download sausage man with play store

Step 5: Press and hold Play Store, and select “App info”.

Step 6: Click on “STORAGE”.

Step 7: Click “CLEAR STORAGE”, click OK.

download sausage man with playstore

Step 8: Open Play Store and search with the keyword “sausage man” then you will see the game appear, your job is to click install to download the game.

Step 9: When the game is finished downloading, open the game.

how to download sausage man with play store

3. XAPK file

(Coming soon)

III. My opinion about the game

Sausage Man game belongs to the genre of survival

Quick possession of any weapon gives you a better chance of winning and destroying more objects.

The map and item system in the game are also taken care of when simulating the whole thing from PUBG.

The deserted island is full of infrastructure, houses, cities, schools, factories with many different areas, added with some interesting places such as UFOs or giant robot corpses.

Sausage Man survival game version
The game also has all kinds of guns from shotguns to rifles, 1-2-3 backpacks, “bandages”, water, etc.

But melee weapons in the game are “forks”, baseball bats and of course still have “legendary” pans.

Along with that, the game owns a flexible and powerful combat system from a third-person perspective and the feeling of shooting is very “hands-on” because the bullet trajectory is quite realistic.

You can interact with the environment in many funny ways such as eating mushrooms to become giant, wearing a duck buoy to increase your health, using ninja skills to clone or dance to heal yourself and teammate,…

Sausage Man survival game version.

It is impossible not to mention the extremely diverse and beautiful costume system of the game.

As a cartoon style game similar to Fortnite, Sausage Man possesses limitless creativity in designing costumes and character expressions.

Players also do not need to deposit money to have a splendid outfit because the reward system of the game is quite generous.

In addition, Sausage Man mobile game also adds many other relatively attractive game modes for you to “change the wind” such as fast survival mode with a narrower circle and faster tempo, or pure shooting mode between the two. team of 40 people…

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